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1 Year Warranty on Smartphones & Electronics ! Contact Us for products not listed. For Wholesale please contact us!
1 Year Warranty on Smartphones & Electronics ! Contact Us for products not listed. For Wholesale please contact us!

Adjustable Wrist Support OPROtec

by OPROtec

Are you looking for an adjustable wrist support for gym workouts and exercise routines? Or perhaps you need a weight lifting wrist support to help you push it to the next level? Whatever your needs may be, our adjustable wrist support is sure to help


What is it?

OPROtec Adjustable Wrist Support relieves pain from weak or strained muscles in the wrist. The one-size-fits-all design can be tailored to fit comfortably over either wrist in a matter of seconds, enhancing thermal compression, blood flow and support so you can move with freedom and confidence again.

Is it right for me?

If you suffer from weakness or vulnerability in your wrist when working out, this wrist support is perfect for you. The adjustable design allows you to customise the fit to suit you. Hence giving you the ideal balance between flexibility and stability – depending on your individual needs. So whether you need a wrist support for gym classes or want to encourage recovery at home, we have you you covered.

As well as being suitable for classes and high-intensity cardio workouts, it can also be used as a weight lifting wrist support. From bicep curls to chest flies, our adjustable wrist support improves muscle strength, stability and recovery time for a more effective workout.

From injury relief to in-play protection, get the support you need with the OPROtec Adjustable Wrist Support.


  • Do not wear over open wounds
  • Always seek professional advice on pain, injury or irritation.


  • The unique Biomaster antimicrobial additive offers protection against the dangers you cannot see.
  • Because it is based on silver ion technology which means when bacteria comes into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, the silver ions prevent them from growing, producing energy or replicating and therefore – they die.
  • Biomaster additive is effective against 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA furthermore it lasts the lifetime of the product.
  • As a result this allows OPROtec to offer the most effective protection.


  • Thermal compression provides heat retention which also promotes more efficient healing and muscle and joint movement.
  • Neoprene retains heat for increased oxygen consumption thatresultin aids in raising lactic acid thresholds to maximise blood flow resulting in a reduction in inflammation and pain.


  • Seamless knitting technology is specifically engineered for long-lasting comfort during athletic activity couple
  • Knitted compression sleeves which help improve muscle performance and muscle recovery from injury.

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